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  "I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me" (Jn 17:23).

These words, pronounced by Christ before his death, lead to the creation of the Russian Christian Association "San Vladimir".

The deepest longing the Church has ever had is to look for common values and exchanges between Eastern and Western culture, in order to promote ecumenism. The biggest risk ecumenism is running is to be confined in a theoretical and doctrinal discourse in the hands of the hierarchy only. The Council, instead, would like lay people to collaborate in paving the way to Christian unity too. Then, each baptized person has the task of working hard in gathering all believers in Jesus Christ. Lay people have to take part in this task, working together with their separated brethren in order to establish peace, to enforce the Gospel, and "to relieve the afflictions of our times such as famine and natural disasters, illiteracy and poverty, housing shortage and the unequal distribution of wealth" (Unitatis redintegratio, 12).


"SAN VLADIMIR" ASSOCIATION, was founded in 1980. It promotes collaboration, love, charity and harmony, by means of pastoral activities in favour of the Eastern Church and Soviet Union in particular. Within the ecumenical movement, the members of the Association, who share with the Eastern world the veneration for the Virgin Mary, are really interested in Oriental culture. They ask for help from the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, in order to fulfil the task of giving unity to the mystic body of the Church.

Working in Siracusa makes them even more responsible for communication between Eastern and Western Churches, because, " the Russian Church looks at Sicily as the natural bridge between East and West". (S. Dimsha, in The Weeping Madonna, official review of the Shrine "Our Lady of Tears" from Siracusa, January 1975, p.7).

It is not by chance that the Virgin spilt Her tears in this city. Her crying can be interpreted in many different ways; unlike Her apparitions in Lourdes and Fatima, Her tears do not convey a clear message.

Probably the reason of this silent message, of this mysterious crying, is "to give many answers to the question of why she cried", so that all the answers could be acceptable at the same range.

It is possible, then, that the Mother of Christ, as Mother of the Church, as Mother of all Christians, cried for the Russian Church’s sufferings as well, for the splitting and disagreement within the Church.

The members of the Association would like to cooperate for the realisation of ecumenism, making Pope Paul II’ s hope their own: "the Church can begin once more to breathe fully with her two lungs, the East and the West."

In order to understand the spirituality and the problems of this people, the members of the Association study Byzantine liturgy, Russian language and culture, iconographic art and visit expositions. Moreover, they send books about the roots of the Eastern faith (in the original language) to the Eastern people. Lately 20.000 copies of "The Russian Saints" by Kologrikov have been sent freely.



1. The "San Vladimir Iconographers Association" meeting group was founded in Siracusa.

2. The Iconographers Association is an integral part of the Christian Russian Association "San Vladimir" in Siracusa, via Carso 9.

3. The "San Vladimir Iconographers Association" has the aim of promoting the study and knowledge of iconographic art from a theological, liturgical, historical- artistic, esthetic and technical point of view.

4. It is an ecclesiastic Association that promotes love for the Universal Church by means of pastoral activities.

5. The association aims to help people understand "the beauty and the colours of images, seen as stimulus for praying".

6. It aims to help people who desire ecumenism and would like to realise Jesus’ desire "that they all may be one" (Jn 17:21).

7. It promotes the study of knowledge of the culture and the people among which iconographic art has been developed.

8. All the people who love iconographic art and wish to study it more deeply can join the Association.

9. To join the association you have to make a free offer yearly. Publications edited by "Istina, Publishers" will be delivered to the members free.

10. Every member can withdraw from the "Iconographers Association" upon notice.